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Fix Your Fu***** Game


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I'm very annoyed and pissed. This is BS. I have been waiting to play this game since i heard it was coming to the West Finally and i can't even play. Not only am i getting these Errors everyone else is. Why? Because you have these Stupid A** Spam Bot's in Game. You have these Stupid A** Brazilian, Russian, Arab, Syrian, Mother Fu****'s that are Hogging the Servers. It's not because of our Providers, or Whether we are Running Wireless or Ethernet. When the servers were down for Maintenance and i was the very first few to get in before there was a 1000+ wait Que i was able to Play. So tell me it's my ISP again please. Ban these A**Holes Regions and Start Blocking VPN's and get some Active Game Masters or Something in game to ban these *cricket*'s instead of telling us you can't farther Assist us and to contact our ISP Provider after doing a DNS Flush, Unpluggin are Routers, Turning our Anti Virus off, Changing to Google DNS, Using a VPN, and so on.



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