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At what level can you queue for Arena (new to BnS)


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When I was messing around with the Russian version a long while ago I recall there were options on the bottom right of your screen that allowed you to enter the dungeon lobby and arena lobby quite early (by level 5 for example), and even queue for arenas. Has that changed? At level 7 that option isn't available, pressing F9 doesn't open the arena lobby, and I'd love to duel my friends for fun.


How / When can we access the Arena Lobby or queue for dungeons?

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Hello, Denexus, I see this post was made 7 hours ago, so I am not sure if you have reached the required level by now, but, you may queue for both the 1v1 Arena and the 3v3 Tag Team battles at level 15.


One word of advice though.  When you enter a match, your stats are scaled to cap, HOWEVER, you will still have the same skill point count as you do in Open World. (Which you aren't able to spend until completing Chapter 17.  Depending on how many side quests you do, you might have that done by 15, I didn't have it done till 19)

It's worth noting that these points start building at 15, you just can't spend them till you do that chapter.


This CAN and probably will put you at a disadvantage as you can be paired with people several levels higher than you, who will have more points, which can be troublesome as these points don't just add damage or change cool-downs like most MMORPG skill systems, but can completely change the way skills function and what they do.


Hope this was useful :) Happy killing!

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