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Constant errors


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I keep getting a error code E01008 when playing the game and it crashes the game. and then there after i get E01005 and when i do the fix for it ill get a E01009 ive reset my router and restarted my computer and flushed my DNS. i get about 10 minutes into the game before it eerrors and its usually right when i start to fight a mob

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Ok. This is how i fix mine.

Try this



https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/204360709-Error-E01008(note this can be very misleading duo to it being in system32 but it is safe i did it on my own was pretty scared but i yolo it for Blade and soul lol)


Also change your DNS to Google

Disabling your antivirus can also be a key

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