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I think that i found a way to avoid crashes on WIN 10


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Hey guys! So far i've been struggling with constant crashes for the past 2 days while having a pretty decent pc.


CPU: Core i5-6600 3.9GHz GPU: GTX 970 RAM: 16gb(DDR4)


I do not have any Razer software thus nothing really to disable, but i did try to perform a clean(only windows stuff) startup to no avail. After that I even did a clean install of Windows 10...... that was painful and did take some time. And still nothing....


But not now i decided to mess around and try some things i have never really bothered to try. As in going into games properties and mess around with the compatibility mode by changing it to WINDOWS 8 and so far it works perfectly!!!!


I hope it helps someone! ;)

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