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Debugger has been found?


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When i tried to open my game client after the servers came back up and after it checked all my files.  The client went to the repair screen like it usually does for a second or two and then it closed and up came a message that said "A debugger has been found running in your system.  Please, unload it from memory and restart your program."  Now i have no way to tell what program it is referring to and I haven't made a change to anything since I downloaded B&S (downloading or removing) and this error never happened before the brief server outage so i have no clue what to do.  Has anyone had this error or does anyone have any tips about how to figure this thing out?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Edit:  Im not sure anymore that the reporting a bug forum is where i am supposed to be reporting this since it isnt really a bug but just a general game issue, so i will post this to the general discussion as well and if it is in the wrong section i am sorry.








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^ Same problem here.

I played the game before, made it into the queue, but it was late so I decided to just close the game. Comparing running programs and startup items and services from that launch to this one today, the only difference is that one application that was running in the background that day is not running today. Same services running, same programs in the background (Zune Media Player, LightShot, FireFox; the first time Tixati was also running, but that's not running tonight - associated services and tasks closed as well, but no other changes)

This really ticks me off, since I haven't been able to play yet due to various reasons outside of the game and client. Really hope this gets fixed soon.

... Maybe NC will finally throw Game Guard away? Haha, I can dream, right?

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