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Constant imput lag


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i have lag on every spell i use around 1-2 seconds and nothing else lags at all and im walking around with just my normal 50 ping and have 60 fps


idk what could be causing this lag any more i cant even use combos half the time and if this keeps up im going to drop the game because this would be unplayable in pvp


i got a gigabyte and tried that fix but couldnt find the system they were talking about to fix it.

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Thanks for posting on the player to player support forum.


There have been others out there who have had simular issues, honestly I think it might be server side. They did just have major server issues which had to be addressed. Could be that. Are you having any other lag issues on other games or on your internet? Also post your specs of your computer on here.


Please reply if this worked, and post on my profile if you like my support.

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