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Is this the right NClauncher?


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Hi guys,


So I've been getting E02180 when installing this game, and like many before me, have tried reinstalling and installing over and over again, but to no avail. But I've also noticed that when other people took screenshots of their launcher, they had only 3 sliders, whereas I have 4? So I'm wondering if they have the right launcher and I don't? Or does it even matter? This is what mine looks like, and it keeps showing welcome to closed beta as 1 of the windows...but other people don't have this on their launchers. The 4 sliders on my launcher look like this


1) Welcome to B&S Closed Beta. Severs close at 10pm Nov 30

2) EU Servers now available!

3) Provide your feedback on the official forums

4) Upgrade now available (founder's pack?)


I'm a little confused as you can see. Why is my launcher like this? Others have different on theirs.

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