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Queue to enter would be a bug?


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Well, folks. I'm about to give up this game. But before that, I want to place on record my annoyance with the company. I waited almost four years, be able to play in an official server. And I realize that the higher return that the company gives its customers is: WAIT. The game is very good. I do not know if it's true what the information game had not gone before by reason of not having signed with SONY (playstation). Or if it's just for cultural reasons, as has been widely reported (reaction of consumers in NA and EU markets). But if I decide to stop playing this game, which is very sad, it is precisely because the game is very good. So good that the company itself that created underestimated their success. So good that, right now, there are 400 people before I can get. And look I chose Yehara server. But patience has limits. I was even willing to spend some money in this game. But it is very disrespectful. Sincerely: I will not spend. If someone had a little bit of judgment since June 2012, a team should be engaged in the continuation and evolution of the game. It's all right. The NCSOFT should already have made money with the game. But honestly, Blade and Soul had everything to be the best MMORPG in history. 

Makes 6 hours trying to connect. Almost giving up everything. Apologize for the outburst. I am Brazilian, with great pride, I'm not BRHEUEHUEHUE, hate BRHEUEHUEHUE.


Character: Cleide - Forcemaster, lvl 37
Server: Yehara

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