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Debugger Issue


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I updated and tried to load in today only to find "A debugger has been found running" error and it wont launch the game, none of my settings or programs have changed from the day before when it was working, I tried disabling all Antivirus related software nothing seems to work, tried restarting and admin mod still nothing.

Anyone else having same issue or has a fix?

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I'm currently trying to reinstall, will report back if this fixes the issue.

For more info 
Game was running fine yesterday
Today gives Debugger running error doesn't let me launch 
Tried: Restart - Run as Admin - Compatibility - Disabling Razer Support & Drivers - Disabling all Anit-virus
Trying: Reinstall
CPU: I5 Intel 3.4Ghz
GPU:GTX770 2gb
Memory: 8Gb

Disabled Razer support and don't have Asus driver.
GFX patch is latest update from Nvidia 

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I played the beta, and early start everything was working.

But now I can login but can't start the game because of the debugger message.



A debugger has been running in your system.

please, unload it from memory and restart you program.



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