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Unable to Launch Game


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Yea I started having this problem 3 days ago and happens after 4 or 5 seconds that i'm in game and that makes me mad ... yesterday i had to wait for a queue of 3.300 people, so I have waited a lot  just to have the time to crash after 5 seconds I was in game.   So I left and came back after midnight .  I can say just this, I had never crashed from midnight till 1pm  ... never!  Never crashed during the character selection screen (change character cause i always crash there) no queues no nothing ... everything was perfect.


As everything was working I bought 30 days premium just to avoid queues and ... now i can't log in anymore -.-    the problem started  after 1 pm and I suppose that I'll have to wait till midnight to play again  ... cause I can't log again due to the BnSCrashReport.  Anyone else have the same problem and know what to do to log into the game?



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