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Weirdly Bright Graphics


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Last night when I played BnS, the game looked completely normal, but for some reason, when I logged in today, my in game graphics were all messed up? I didn't touch the settings in between playing, and I honestly don't know how to fix this. It's ridiculously hard to see and actually play, and it's causing me a bit of frustration. I can barely make out the area around my character and keep hitting walls and other objects on the map because I just can't see them. It's also insanely hard to just walk in the game because I can barely make out the ground underneath my character. Like sometimes it's just not there so I can't exactly tell where I'm going/if I'm going to fall off a ledge. I don't think it's anything wrong with my computer's graphics, because the UI appears perfectly fine. I think it has something to do with the game not fully loading the 3D renders, or something like that, because everything 2D appears normally. I should also add that it's not just happening in the game world, but the blinding appearance of my character is also apparent on the character selection screen while the rest of the screen is fine. (Edit: I forgot to mention that the cut scenes and parts when you talk to NPCs are also messed up.)


I've tried messing with the settings I could in game. I switched from in between full screen to windowed, then back again. I've tried putting my screen in different resolutions. I even tried changing the brightness setting, but it seemed to not do much except change the contrast in the game. There were some other settings I tried to fiddle with to see if they would change anything, but nothing happened. (After twiddling my thumbs in the settings for a while, I reset all the changes made just in case.)

For reference, here are some screenshots I took. (I apologize for being image heavy, but I feel like these instances need to be included.)5ab756b628.jpg



I hope someone will be able to assist me on fixing this problem, or that the game somehow manages to fix itself like how it broke itself.

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