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Bottom Actionbar hides out of combat?


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So I just made a FM today after getting my LBD to 45 and getting it to a point where it's just doing dailies and pvping, and I have this weird issue where when I'm out of combat, my second action bar (the one with the X/C/V default keybinds) hides when i'm out of combat. Is there a way to change this? I looked around in all the settings and saw ZERO mention of any setting like this at all.

Is it a class specific thing for some reason? If anyone knows please tell me, I want to be able to pre-cast abilities on that bar before i actually enter combat.

Pics >>

Out of combat bars = https://gyazo.com/c5efd90a995e77aa7e18aff873daf671
In Combat bars = https://gyazo.com/603103fe82bd266a76f7dca5f5c1ea91

Edit: disregard.. Noticed literally the moment i posted that it's based on the debuffs and/or the stance you are in. RIP.

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