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InstallShield Wizard has been stopped


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Help! I keep getting this error message when it begins to install the setup:



InstallShield Wizard has been stopped.


The wizard has been stopped before Blade and Soul was installed completely.




The system has not been fixed. To install the program later, start the installation over. 

   Click on [Finish] to close the wizard.



it gives me no other option, and i tried over and over to no avail. How do I fix this? What is wrong?

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Hey Malcolm,


I had the same issue and tried everything the support team told me.


Here's how I fixed it:

Activate the administrator account on your PC.

Right-Click on My Computer>Manage>Users

There you see the administrator account is disabled. right-click on administrator>properties>Uncheck disabled account.


Now log in as administrator and try running the setup again.


Sorry if i got something wrong because my Windows is in portuguese.


Hope it helps!



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