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Crowd Control


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Has anyone else noticed that Hard CC (Stuns) gets overridden by soft CC (Knockdowns) after aerial combos. I've had more instances then I can count in Arena matches where I will time a stun to hit right as a person comes down or lands and it will even say stun but they will just retreat out of it like it never even occurred.  Mind you I still get the STUN combat text come up and this has become a major problem in a countless amount of my fights where I will time a tremor to hit right as they land to just have them retreat away from it like it never even hit.  I'm curious if this has happened to others or am I just not chaining my CC properly.  Is anyone able to give advice on the matter?


I'm playing as a KFM and I have the one point in tremor that makes it a 3 second stun. Not complaining if this is the intended mechanics but I haven't been able to find anything that states the prioritization of CC in PVP combat.  Anyone able to help me?


P.S. I'm uncertain whether or not it could be a ping issue I've come to realize this might be a possibility though I'm uncertain how to check my ping.

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