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best class


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kill enemy faster?

all will do - both pve and pvp :>

the idea of BnS classes is there is no drawbacks an each class have utilites to manage well in every conditions.

note that you can change you "skill tree" at any time.


if you are easy-going go Summoner (way to easy PvE - need to master for full PvP) or Blade Dancer (same here).


about pve as blade dancer - after lvl15 i finally found some good mobs that didnt die 2 shots and bosses that required some combos... after doing like 5 dungs i noticed that "this content is meant for more players"... lol...


till lvl 15 nothing brings you below 85% of hp

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LBM = Lyn Blade Master


Korean loves Lyn. If any major changes happens, expect Lyn to be saved.


That being said, for current and upcoming patches, LBM should perform well in both party and solo as well as pvp and pve wise for average players. For the rest of the PvP, any class is great class.

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