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Disconnect error 152 10054


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After i start launcher i get to enter my pin code, and after i wait 2 mins i get this error message with no : 152 10054.

Any1 knows what means and what to do to fix it?

I stopped Razer ans said in post on this forum, I have a Assus Laptop G73JW. 

Can i play this game or not cause is frustrating and i dont want to waiste my time being unable to even START this game.



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well, after 3 mins+ iddle screen, introducing the 6 digit code AND and getting the same disconnect as yesterday (2000)(152; 10054) all I can say is that the devicers+managers of this game should be fired!

U are an incompetent bunch of ppl who are not able to make it run properly but still LAUNCH the game.... big LOL.

I wish you all the best and the most prolific incomes :) .... asking ppl to stop some processes from their PCs just to make ur crappy anime run is like LMAO! :)


hahaha RIP like in AION!

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