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Installation problem || help plz :(


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Hi! So I really want to play this game and I install it once to create my character and close it. Today I try to enter the game again and just after I put my NIP code, it crash. It done this to me like 4 or 5 time so I decided to uninstall and reinstall the thinking it would have solve the problem. Well there is now a new problem! So here's what happen: 

1- I download BnS_Lite_Installer from the website (normal)

2- I install everything from this installer (still normal)

3- The Installation create a shortcut to download and install the rest of the game with the launcher (again it's normal)

4- The NCLauncher can't be find with the shortcut!!!! (not normal at all)

5- So it let me try to find it, but there is nowhere to find the freaking launcher! (still not normal at all)


In conclusion, I can't reinstall and play the game because NCLauncher.exe can't be found with the shortcut form the installation!!! Please I would be very happy if someone could help me because the game just looks awesome and I can't even install it properly anymore :(


PS: Sorry if I made some mistake, my English is good but not perfect (I'm french). Also I wanted to insert images to be more clear but I can't :/

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