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I get booted during load screens, Please help :)


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Hello everyone,  


I have been booted consistently whenever I have a load screen (so from changing char, to windstriding and even going into a different area)
My mother also plays and she has a much older (ancient) laptop than i do but it never happens for her. (not that this matter I'm just referring to the fact that its hopefully not my internet since she plays without interuptions)


In case you want to know I play on the server Hao district (EU) and I'm a premium member.

Heres a link to the info on my laptop http://www.toshiba.co.uk/discontinued-products/satellite-l50-b-137/
I have upgraded to Win10 and I have the newest updates and I run McAfee but it is not blocking my gameplay.
Also I click to send the error report but its blank and does nothing..
Is there anyone who could maybe recommend anything?


Thank you everyone ^^


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