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Shorter login queue?


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So I was playing all fine and dandy yesterday; logged in with no login queue at all around 6am EST. So time passes and all of a sudden I feel like making a new character, so I go to the character selection screen. Once I created my new character, I had tried to login and was met with quite the surprise. A long login queue. I thought, "Oh that's not too bad, I have time; I can wait an hour or so.", which would have been fine had the estimated time remained consistent with it's decrease.


However it did not.


It kept rising, and rising, leaving me but one choice: to go premium. 


I'm curious if anyone has any sort of knowledge on the login queue that I may be missing or something; or if certain servers have a not so terrible login queue. (I'm currently doing Jiwan)mszqxe.jpg

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