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Rolling Typhoon


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On 21/1/2016 at 9:43 AM, ChopStik said:



Try to find soul shields with crit and use the "Sunder" skill - with every crit with sunder you will build 1 wind point. When you've reached 3 crit hits with sunder you
will be able to see the rolling typhoon skill :)

 Thx so much. Im wondering for a few days how i can trigger this hability !!!

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To use rolling typhoon, you build up Wind Focuses (Foci?) by criting with Sunder. When you crit, you get a stack of Wind Focus. Stacks last 10 seconds, and are refreshed when you get a new stack. Because of the relatively short duration of the Wind Focuses, It's better to use Rolling Typhoon against stronger enemies, though it's not impossible to use it against normal ones. Basically, Crit 3 times, get 3 stacks, then you can use Rolling Typhoon. (Also, the game will tell you how many stacks of wind fury you have in the middle of the screen, left side, as well as to the right of your character, as golden orbs) ~Hope This Helps!



At level 8, you can learn Strafe/Blindside, which after using, will "Boost" Sunder, Making it attack extremely quickly. This is probably the most effective way of stacking Rolling Typhoon.

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