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Random Crashes please help


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So... As we all know the queue timers on ALL SERVERS, are ridiculously f***ing high, and in addition to having to wait 40-150 minutes just to get in game, my game just crashed for absolutely no reason at a loading screen after warping back to the Pyre in Everdusk. So now, completely against my will, I have to wait another f*cking 40-80 minutes just to continue playing because of something I have 0 control over. In addition I would like to add that the 5 second wait after combat before actually leaving combat is ridiculous. Makes it hard to even want to play and quest because the normal running speed is SO SLOW in comparison to ALL map sizes. I'm not trying to sound whiney but you Devs should be able to understand the extremely not-okay nature of what I have just said.

EDIT: I was wrong. I said 40-80 minutes, I just got back on and as it turns out, the wait will be 105 minutes. Thanks. 
ALSO: Before anyone replies telling me to get premium, understand that is a completely unacceptable answer. I should never have to pay simply to login to a game. Nothing anyone can say will change that.

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