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18 minutes ago, KageHoshi said:

Hello guys I'm copying the blade and soul 2nd pc and ı can't start , ıt's search download location but my game downladed and install ready. need start . ı think need regedit code who can give ?


I would advise that you just link up your machine to the internet and download the files. I know it will take some time, but the game actually installs a few applications in a few hidden parts of your machine. Granted that sounds a little scary, its more of data and cabinet files the game references while playing. There are a few roaming system files you need to include in your APPDATA folder if your going to transfer, as well as GAMEGUARD and the DirectX updates it includes.


While it is possible to create an install image, your going to have to download patches anyways, it would be wise to just install using the internet.


Sorry there was no quicker way to install.



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