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Soul sheild Crafter Question


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Hi so I'm still pretty low level at the moment but I contracted with the Tree huggers (Tree gatherers) and the soul shield people. I gathered my first set of trees yesterday and used them to craft a soul shield fragment. 

My question is this, I hit the L button and look at my soul shield crafting options and all the soul shield fragments are exactly the same angle, how do I craft fragments that face different directions? Am I missing something here? I feel like this is a dumb question but a shield comprises of more than just a fragment that faces downward diagonally. How do I get different facing fragments? 


While we are on the topic anyone have an idea on what should be the most streamlined path for me to level up these crafts? Do I just keep pressing the order some trees button and then press order a soul shield fragment over and over until those skills level up? 



Kurama looks into your soul for answers to the profound..


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Those Soul shield you craft are used to improve the soul shield farmed from dungeon. The angle that it forces you to craft is the angle that give the biggest stats thus why it the only option.


So pretty much that craft is just to give you soul shield so you can give really good secondary stats on your main/ leveling soul shield.


Your two options:

1. Fuse those soul shield into your main/leveling Soul shield.

2. Break them for Fusion powder so you have powder to fuse your main/leveling Soul shield.

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