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CPU usage through the roof.


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Hi, yo, what's up.

So here is an image of the mess http://i.imgur.com/ObvtcZv.png

(In the image the game is tabbed out to Task Manager but it behaves the same way when tabbed in)


I know this game is said to be pretty intense on the CPU, but is this really normal?

PC Specs:

  • i5 4960K @ 4.20GHz / Voltage for overclock @ 1.250 / Temp: ~42C
  • GPU: EVGA GTX970 SC / Stock Speeds / Temp: ~50C
  • Running off: 2TB WD Black HDD
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

In-Game Graphics Settings:

  • Tried all kinds off setting, minimum, max, etc. etc.


Everything imaginable that SHOULD be set to utilize the GPU is set to that.

Changing the resolution does lower the % but by barely anything.

Hmm I cant think of what else to say other than, my friends are having no troubles like this one.

Just ask away and throw suggestions at me I guess I'll try whatever when there's a low queue time.

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