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Game Crashes Before Entering The Game


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Hello folks, I am getting constantly crashes on Loading screen, waiting 2 hours then crash. I start thinking it's a marketing bug that forces you to buy the premium packs. I haven't seen the game yet. I don't wanna buy anything. I'm level 3. I cannot play the game. 

I saw someone said it's Razer Software, I've disabled it. Waiting on a 2000 people queue right now.

Someone told me that I should lower my graphic settings to dodge the error, I'm running GTX 970 Gigabyte, i7-5930k + Win10.

Today I've been afk in the game for about 10hours, no crash. Start playing. Instant crash on the guy that kills you and u have to revive. It's really annoying.


That's what I'm getting after it crashes.

Solution... solution? Hopefully it's the razer apps. 

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Yep same problem here after the new update they just tossed out now... or what not.. game allways wants to update for some reason... I hope the dev team sees this.. since there is no acceptable way of having a MMO where your game Crashes.. 

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