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PC Freeze while playing


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Hello all,


i got a huge problem while playing Blade and Soul.

After some Minutes my PC Monitor turned Off and the PC is like in a sleep Mode.

Its running but i cant get the Screen back.

Its not an Game crash. Its like a pc crash.

The only thing that i could do, is hardreset my PC.




Palit GTX 760 Jetstream

Intel Core i5 3350P

16 GB 1330 MhZ RAM

530 Watt BQ PS

Windows 10 Pro


I changed my graphics setting, Update the nvidia driver, Run the game as admin, and run the game on WIndow 7 mode.

Nothing changed.


Please help


kind regrads Atrex


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I am having the same issue. It either freezes on load (after the anti-hacking software starts?) or after a few minutes of game play. Even reverted back to factory image for a fresh start. Then tried to update the drivers after crashing with the clean image. Also tried a different computer (works fine on my old Alienware m18x r2) and then tried switching/eliminating different hardware. This is a month old Alienware X51 R3 that is maxed out (i7 6600K, 32 GB DDR4, 512 GB PCIe NVMe main drive, 2 TB secondary physical drive where the game is installed, NVidia 960 in the system with 980 Ti in the Gfx Amp). Also tried without the Gfx Amp, with other hardware, and more. There's no way that it is hardware, drivers, or other similar issues. The only thing that I can think of is that the latest patches see something from the Alienware software as

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A lot of us are having the issue... I'm beginning to wonder if it's being addressed. Not a single one of the staff has mentioned a single thing about this. Beginning to wonder whether they're even going to fix it or whether I should quit on this. They're talking about new content before even addressing such issues.

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