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Cant even launch game(Solved)


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I looked for a similar thread didnt find one. I download  the launcher , install it  and during the installation i receive an error and i have to press the tick that im allowing it to be send to ncsoft. So after that i proceed to the directory of the game where i go to /bin/(since content folder is empty - makes sense). After i try to star the game from Client.exe the gameguard opens and i wait for the game to start but eventually i receive a system message saying that i need to open the game from the launcher. So thats i weird cause i cant find anyother launcher in that folder. I remember that ncsoft had a launcher from which you start the game. So the plan for now is to find an installer for ncsoft launcher if there is still such thing.


Any ideas?


EDit: I reinstalled the game with the basic directory(C:\Ncsoft - but i dont think that was the problem). Problem was i couldnt find the right launcher in the folder but while instlling the game i allowed it to install shortcut on my desktop and game starts from there properly.

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