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White Cedar Sap Location Error


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Not really a bug but an issue nonetheless. So the location as stated in the "Tree Fellers" guild page for white cedar sap, as of 1/20/2016, "Lycandi Foothills- Located on top of the tree that have grown horizontally, SOUTH of the Lilystalk Tradepost and across the bridge" is false as far as i can determine. Where i found it after some google searches is actually east of the Lilystalk Tradepost.  img]BLrgfpR.jpg  Perhaps we could get some clarification and update this as some others may have been confused based off the text description as well. This issue is only further propagated by the description, which if followed word for word will bring you to an alternate location which had confused me into thinking i had to wait for the tree to spawn as someone must have got to the tree right before me. To the south of the Lilystalk Tradepost and at the horizontal trees and across the bridge. ygzPv4V.jpg Idk about you but i'm on top of some horizontal trees and there is a bridge right there that i must cross to get to the white cedar sap tree.         Thank you for taking the time to read this.♥

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