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Lag Spikes for Australian Users


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Hi first of all I would like to congratulate you all on an amazing job thus far in bringing this game to the western audiences and so far it has been absolutely outstanding!


However...... the sheer amount of delay that myself and both some of my friends and other random Australian users are receiving is nearly game breaking :(. Whilst I am fully aware that we reside in a country who has internet speeds comparable to shit sliding down a slope, I do not recieve delay of this level from various other MMO's that I have played (for that matter it seems to have peaked since full release >.<). Whilst I am aware that what you can do about these issues short of installing an oceanic based server is severely limited, some support for your oceanic clients in the form of tips or advice would be much appreciated!!!


There are many of us down in the "slower" countries that would thoroughly enjoy being able to play this masterpiece, when you are being forced to sit on the sidelines of a fight swinging at air because your skills are delayed or will not fire at all it gets rather demoralizing !!


Again this is by no means an attack on the game itself or you the publishers, merely a cry for help so that I and anyone suffering the same issues can become more involved in the game!



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Unfortunately I feel your pain of constantly being demoralized n pvp matches


In Aussie land myself I have experienced the same high ping in almost all MMO games in the eu. NA gives me better ping, but still nowhere near what our eu/na fellow players achieve, nor would I expect them to us living so far away.


Aussie also is only just upgrading their fiber net all over and unless you live out of a town and get fiber to premises, your still stuck with the "old" copper wiring from the node to the premises, which all contributes to the speed of net our side.


I tried to use WTF with the eu server yesterday and it messed with a lot of things...my friends list wouldn't load..it wouldn't let me do quests... (although I am not sure this was due to wtf or to the server having issues at the time..but I am to scared to try it again just now)


But yea...there is nothing worse than Knowing your skills, knowing when you want to get a move off..and yet it delaying to a point where you end up getting defeated and looking like your a pvp noob..:(


And the worst part is.. other fellow players with great ping...just assume u suck at pvp..:(



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