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So I'm constantly getting an error 4041, reinstalled multiple times, pressed the repair button, made sure the firewalls and all that jazz was sorted, turned off the maleware guard programs. Heck  I even updated from windows 7 to windows 10 and reinstalled again, still the same error each time...Everything I look up about this is for the korean server like this


It appears you tried to run the game directly via the games executable "Client.exe". To launch the game you must login via the Official Blade & Soul Korea website http://bns.plaync.com, with a verified Korean PlayNC account.

Then click on "Start Game":

Posted Image

The NCSOFT Login Launcher Module (npncllm3.dll) will execute the NCLauncher (NCLauncher.exe), which will then execute the game (Client.exe).



can anyone help?

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