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Help! What class to pick?


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Looked at some clips from all the classes. Did some research and I'm still not sure what class to go with. 

I used to play GW2: Thief

                        Dragon Nest: Moon Lord

                        TERA: Slayer


I like mobility, stealth or Good amount of CC break/ tankyness, don't really care about dps.

I Like fast paced combat (though that seems to be the case for all classes in B&S)

Mostly interested in PvP arena (mostly) and Open world (a bit)


Mostly looked at BM and Assassin but open for other suggestions.

Blade Master looks amazing (but I heard a lot of negative feedback considering PvP, about beeing weak, not represnted a lot in the top 100 lists of KN and CN)

Assassin looks fun to play but i dunno, I like swords


I don't have the time or will to level multiple classes to max level so thats not really an option for me.


Any infos on what fits my description or opinions on the playstyle of classes are welcome

Thanks for any useful feedback.


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