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Stuck at Downloading repair files


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In order to launch smoothly without wait, you had better to follow the following steps

1. Do a "file check" in the launcher and wait for it to finish.

2. DONT launches the game.

3. Navigate to your game folder Standard: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BNS\Bin 4)Select local.ini file and right click into properties 5) Make it Read-only.

And you should know that you're done and you don't have to check every time.

Some Blade and Soul players wonder if the file would ever actually need to be updated though.

The only current line he can potentially see as an issue would be the 'Language = english'. If someone wanted to play in German or French (he said that he is assuming that's what that's for), gamers would may need to change their settings first, then set it to read-only. If they do it before hand and without checking what's in the file, the client will probably get "mysteriously" locked into English. Remember to buy Blade and Soul Gold here.

But that probably doesn't apply to 99% of players anyway.

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This hit me this evening, on my first day of play. Here's the workaround:

  • Download this file http://i.gflclan.com/start_client.bat
  • Place it in your BnS CBT\bin folder, alongside Client.exe.
  • It's contents: 
    • start client.exe /launchbylauncher /sesskey /CompanyID: "12" /ChannelGroupIndex: "-1" /LoginMode 2 -lang:English -region:0
  • Edit the file from region:0, to region:1 (for Europe)
  • Double click the newly edited start_client.bat file to bypass the launcher
  • Play!
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