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Extremely low download speeds.


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My internet is capable of getting 7mb/s but with the b&s lite launcher thing trying to download the game it starts at 1mb/s goes all the way down to 100kb/s and then goes back up. It constantly goes up and down and just downloads super slow. Looking to find a fix so I can download and play this. Thanks in advance. 

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2 hours ago, TheSenpai said:

Downloading during the western official launch is probably the cause. I doubt they will be a fix - so much outbound data with a limited bandwidth.

Maybe you right but maybe you are very wrong, 

As we know this is a game launch, and it obvious thousand of people would try download it. Thinking about IT Architecture its very simple to have a large scale connection or even clustered connections.

Download, Login, Server Queues on launch are the most basic rookie mistakes we can find.

also the speed is incredible low, we are talking about 10mb/s normal download to something around 60kb/s. It's a huge difference, I doubt the traffic would cause this, unless you have a DDoS or small bandwidth at beginning. 


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