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(EMERGENCY) My characters quest bug !


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Firstly, sorry for my bad english. I spend my all day !  I'm talking about CHAPTER 17 (Faction Quest). I'm 16Lw Kung-Fu Master. I killed the 9 dummies flew down to npc's and didn't get that yellow arrow to continue the quest.  I already cleared this dungeon instance. I can't finish this quest.


I seached on google but I could find just one topic about this problem.

This is the link : http://goo.gl/2QQ2gP

and there are some pictures about this link: http://goo.gl/OkfzNQ and http://goo.gl/IPEXSG


And this is my own picture: https://goo.gl/byyImu


I tried:

- Change my uniform,

- Relog, Teleport to Town and walk back,

- Exit and enter Instance,

- Bring all my own items in my invertory,

- Searched all blue questions and I finished all of them except Daily Questions,

and etc.


Please help me.



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