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Game randomly crashing while in queue


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When I'm in queue, I usually alt-tab or leave my computer for a while and hope that I'm in the game when I'm back. Unfortunately, every time I come back, the game has disappeared and there is no error message or anything, just the little NCSOFT window with the File Repair button on the bottom left and Settings button on the top right.

I have tried killing as many processes as I could (One time I literally killed every process I could including explorer.exe) and I have also tried turning off my firewall.

Once again, there is no error message or anything, my BnS window has just simply disappeared.

Also, I am not sure if this would happen if I got into the game, as I have not yet gotten through the queue.

My game was working fine in the patch before the most recent patch (no crashing anywhere).

I am running Windows 8.1.

Is anyone else having this problem? 

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