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This is a joke. The win 8 & 10 Bug


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So let me get this straight BNS people, you decided that to try and fix the biggest issue with your servers was to do an update that would prevent a large amount of players from being able to load the game to keep the load down from the servers? I mean thats the only thing i can think of as to why you all would make this colossal fark up. I mean seriously.


You have blinders on so big you do not even know up from down here. It makes no sense. So now Yea im of the like mind that if this is not fixed soon, me and along with other like minded people are going to demand refunds and wait for more respectable put together games like BDO to come to the NA and EU. 


I just can not fathom this patch. No reason for this when the big issues are the ques, the inability to transfer, the account items on one char and horrible issues with the razer partnership you got. 


Just had to rant, this is getting absurd, and on the weekend no less. 

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