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Help me with 2 small issues?


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I already posted this in bug reports as I wasn't sure if it was a problem with just me or others but, I wanted to post here to see if I could ascertain a more abrupt resolution.


Issue #1: A lot of the time when playing, even though the cursor isn't supposed to show, once it reaches the far left or far right of the screen, it begins to flicker while you move the mouse and when this is happening, look movement becomes slightly erratic in the form of stutter stepping in whatever direction you are attempting to move it. Is anybody else having this issue?


Issue #2: I recently noticed, after using one of the parkour action points, that as the camera was tracing the bright sky, a large grid of squares appeared (semi-transparent blackish-grey ones) and kept doing so anytime an action like this happened. It also began happening with most UI items that light up. Resource regeneration (the blue spheres; they appear when you gain them) as well as the loading symbol. At first I thought this was a design choice but, I shortly realized that it seemed to be a graphic or program issue. If anybody else is having this issue, do you know how to fix it?


Thanks in advance

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