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I am only like level 17 right now so maybe it is just that reason, but I have notice my cat is not very tanky. Is there a way to make him stronger hit hard take more hits? I wasn't sure if there was something I am missing or maybe it only goes off my stuff. If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it


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um, under the skill "paw" if you put points in it going down, the bottom of the tree you can choose to put points into either alley cat (increase attack) or house cat (increase defense). that's where i started with mine. other skills can also have points put in them, such as Strike) that will do different things depending on your choices.


Example: Strike

initial skill does 777-805 damage

putting 1 point in it will add the ability to give your pet 10% HP recovery.

on your next point you can choose to go on the left or right side for the skill path. right side path will make the skill do daze for 2 seconds, while the left side path will up the damage to 1110-1150.


make sense? 

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