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Crashing...and Wait Timers going up


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Ok, So I play on the Mushin server as my Clan (ChaosVanguard) and several of my friends play the server. 

The first time I played B&S (on the headstart release) I crashed after 2-3 hours of playing, followed by a 1 and a half hour wait time. Which is a long time. So I waited, was able to join. And literally 2 minutes after I joined it crashed again, followed by a 1 hour and 30 minute wait time...

And 10 min into waitng, the game managed to crash again, followed by a hour timer.

B&S Devs, fix this crap.

I shouldn't , nor any other person, should have to wait when their game crashes. When someone leaves intentionally that's different, but when I or someone else crashes and wait a wopping hour and a half, then that reaches a point of infurity. Especially If said person crashes AS SOON AS THE LOG ON!

I know its launch day, but this MMO is years old. Y'all should know how to handle this.

HELL, the CBT only crashed on me once, and that's because I was spamming "Prt Scr" to take screenshots!


And why is my wait timer going up! It really shouldn't because someone joined the wait.


*And I personally think Master Pack buyers should have a higher priority then other members, Disciple over lower, and founders over regulars.

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