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Error E02018 solution NOT


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As many of you i made everything in my hand to try to solve this problem with luncher.


1. Tech Support Guide about shutting down Services running MSconfig....etc.

2. Also Place a Ticket with my PC performance in case Tech Sup answer me with: your PC doesn´t reach the recommended performance. (I reach it i have played BETA: CORE i7/8RAM etc)

3. Tech Sup made me run a software to test my ping performance. the results: i have a ping between 85-115 wich is very good to play online (Played Linage2, LOL, etc)


The copy-pasted response from Tech Sup is so funny regarding the part that i use the same provider and same connection and also the part how to affect in game section reveals they dont even reading or care about this error?


Ill try to uninstall and reinstall againg this 30 GB.....








Paulo (Blade and Soul)

Jan 15, 15:20


Thank you very much for the information as this does appear to show the issue you are having.

According to this report, your connection is suffering from packet loss. If you are not familiar with this term, it simply means the loss of data while in transit from point A (your computer) to point B (our servers). What this means is that either not enough information could be received, the information that was received was corrupted or it wasn't sent at all.

Installing and/or updating: In terms of installation or updating the game client, the data being sent to patch your client is becoming corrupted if it arrives or simply, it won't arrive at all... preventing you from obtaining the patch files intact. Thus the download either has to keep retrying over and over to get non corrupted data, or it will simply error out and stop the installation if enough attempts to get the information fail.

So how does this affect you?

In-game: The game is trying to adjust your position to your last known location or attempting to resend that data over and over but unable to because to much is being lost in transmission. Now, because WildStar is a client / server setup, the server is always considered right(this is a security measure for anti-cheating/hacking). Thus, the game is forced to adjust your location to where the server last thought you were. This causes your character or NPC's to ""snap back"" or ""rubberband"" between the two sets of information. One set from your client, another from the server and since they are fighting (in a manner of speaking) between who is right, your character or NPC characters will appear to teleport back and forth while this ""fight"" for control happens. Then, if not enough data is received in a period of time, then the game will likely disconnect you because it thinks you are no longer active.

Because the loss of data is happening prior to it reaching our game servers, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance. I would highly recommend sending them these results so they can visually see the issue you are suffering from.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any additional issues, questions or concerns.


NCSOFT Support Team

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