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Launcher disappears after login


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Hey, it's been 2 days and i keep trying, i even contacted the support, basically, After i open launcher, it asks me for account detailts, it doesn't even verify it it's correct or not, afterwards i click login then it disappears, i tried every solution i saw, none worked.

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15 minutes ago, DoomDeva said:

I'm having this same issue. Can't find a fix.

Try this. 
01 - Open the Command Prompt (admin) by clicking Start, typed cmd, and clicked 'Enter' 
02 - Enter - ipconfig /release - enter 
03 - Enter - ipconfig /renew - enter 
04 - Enter - ipconfig /flushdns - enter 
05 - Enter - ipconfig /registerdns - enter 
06 - Enter - netsh winsock reset - enter 
07 - Enter - netsh int ip reset all - enter 


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