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  1. to put it simply thats a stupid mentality... im 45 yet you dont exactly see me saying "oh but we ran the dungeon for you blah blah etc etc" no... If i want to do dailies or farm for stuff that i want, i do it solo without the convenience of others... not going into a group and just because your at max level compared to them that automatically means you get a freebie and thus should undoubtedly be rewarded the costume... you let the lower levels group together as thats why its there.... to get those people through the dungeon with many others of the equivalent level drop this whole entitlement BS plz because it makes you look like even more of a douche!
  2. how is it in any way useless to what he is presenting.. if you are going to record at least make sure you can get a decent 30FPS. otherwise expect criticism! especially while recording in windowed mode that shows that he clearly could have had maintained more than that and at a stable rate! also how can a comment be useless and retarded at the same time ?? its one or the other you pleb!
  3. are you stupid or just plain stupid ? in what way is that information in any shape or form constructive to the discussion at hand.. please leave you ignorant child!
  4. dont you think you should have closed majority of those windows / background process in order for the video to be smoother ? its like watching a slideshow that was taken by rotten potatoes
  5. Some serious Bugs after maintenance EU server

    cant Chat. nothing appears in chat box Cant open vault cant salvage cant move stuff around in my inventory crash when i try leave a town yeah this day is not the best of best days!
  6. It didn't work. RIP Faction chat.

    it does not matter which piece of hardware you ban.. they can still bypass it farely easy. you need to remember that majority of those botting / spamming in game are farely connected. so if lets say 5 of them get a HWID ban all on different components from one another.. they could easily publish their findings on a cheat/hack forum and tell others how to bypass/correct it and then what after that ? because those that decide to share their findings will be helping even more people coming to the game to bot or spam and then we come full circle back to where we are now. also a very very small minority of games actually do HWID bans.. i doubt this game will be 1 of them to contribute by putting such a systeem in place!
  7. It didn't work. RIP Faction chat.

    no offence but thats quite a pathetic suggestion.. no offence / aggression intended! chances are most masters that run bot scripts or bots for gold spamming know how to get around a HWID ban all it takes is tinkering through the registry. which chances are some will have sufficient knowledge in coding and diagnostics. and even if they dont they could always just go to the cheating forum they they got the program from or the person they bought it from and ask for solutions! a HWID (hardware ID) ban is no more advanced than it is to ban someones ip... they are both on the same level in terms of easiness to bypass! just 1 is more straight forward than the other and 1 is far more severe in terms of compromising your systems stability!
  8. It didn't work. RIP Faction chat.

    lvl restrictions is the first solution to solving the bots and gold spammers the next line of action to take is either have authentication every time you log into the game that you need to correctly put in... in order to chat next would be monitor everyone typing in chat. anyone that uses the same 1-2 lines (copy paste - which is usually most of the spammers) gets a automatic chat ban for lets say an hour.. and if they continue to repeat a second time. the system kicks in and bans them. it might not show its real advantage the now.. but the more and more restrictions you put in place forces those botters and gold spammers to just give up... because if they cant continue to keep populating the server fast enough with bots to advertise, then they look for another game to repeat the cycle... adding more and more restrictions in place makes botters and spammers give up and move on cause its not worth the extra investment of time (at least for the lazy ones at that)
  9. wildsprings (EU) is now at that point now where faction chat is completely over-runned by gold spammers. and the safe heaven now is (Depending on where you are exactly) high level regions. but still faction chat is the primary source for information and questions. yet people cant ask anything because its 10-15 spammers posting at ever second. was a good idea moving the chat limits to level 10 but i think the same needs to apply to faction chat... NCSoft knew fine well that there is a gold spamming and bot problem yet they decide to limit our block lists to 50 people ? so let me get this straight... you limit a block list to 50 people in a MMO, that allows us to meet more than 150 players within an hours time ??? exactly... makes no sense! this crap needs fixed otherwise its going to be a contributing factor for people to leave the game.. just like archeage (all tho that game had many other factors that drove players away) but gold spamming chat constantly was one of them. granted at least archeage had an unlimited amount of ignores!
  10. Daily Spin Is Totally Rigged!

    so because you're not getting the numbers you would like, that automatically means that its rigged... have you looked at the spin wheel like at all ??? its freaking RNG m8... no matter how hard you try and convince yourself that its not, it always is! your just getting the crappiest of crap luck when rolling! it happens to a majority of people.
  11. Daily Spin Is Totally Rigged!

    ive rolled 5-6's maybe once or twice now but now majority of the time its around 2-4 but again its all RNG m8.. cant say its rigged when its pure RNG
  12. no i figured it out tho! i was still in a clan and had to kick everyone and disband in order to change.. but yeah now the problem is that i need a cerulean outfit in order to do faction quests.. anyone know how to get a free faction uniform instead of shelling out 6 silver ? kinda very low on money atm and cant afford to waste it all on a uniform!
  13. so im wanting to leave the crimson legion because even tho they're always full for some reason they are pathetic and non existent in PvP but whenever im trying to change to a faction that is clearly seeking other players. i cant! Peroid! Screenshot bellow it says im unable to defect to another faction thats full. but it only says that for crimson legion ?!?!? so i cant defect to a faction that im all ready apart of preventing me from leaving. Any help ???

    im on wild springs and yea same thing just happened to me.. and i cannot run the launcher again!

    im on wild springs and yea same thing just happened to me.. and i cannot run the launcher again!