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    have a beer
  2. 1) faction chat should be renamed to Bot gold spam because the chinese have taken control? Not sure whats being done, I had fun with faction chat meming and random trolls and some help was given here and there but now its "buygoldherewww" 2) The whole roll for gear syste in dungeon isnt that well thought of. Its literally bid wars..kinda stupid? Why not just have it if gear drops only your char can see it and loot it 3) The market place daily limit is very awful Thats all I have right now besides the que system its fine honestly
  3. Need help I need a active server

    what about juwol
  4. Need help I need a active server

    A server that wont go dead Juwol? active? Master Hong? active?
  5. is kung fu master hard, not for new players right?

    so will I have a hard time to play it since it takes alot of skill?
  6. Looks like fun but its too hard to play..too many combos right..?