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  1. I feel that BnS requires a lot more mechanical skill than other MMOs out there, but less tactical skill. More often than not, if you've got high AP and deal enough dps with good rotations, you don't even need to know the mechanics of the fight to clear the boss. The fact that there is no holy trinity means less tactical skill as well. Everyone focuses on DPS (mechanical skill) to burn down the boss as quick as possible. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but just the way it is in my opinion. PvP Arena is refreshing and requires more individual skill, but
  2. I see! Thanks for the clarification! Oh well, at least I didn't get my hopes up too much!
  3. From the video in the producer's letter, at around the 21 sec mark, we see the Gunner. Does that mean it will be released as a class on the 12th of April?
  4. And yet 0 SFs in the top 100. Literally zero. SinKyeom Kim was an obvious exception.
  5. Hey everyone, So with the update today, weapons have been streamlined, and we can salvage our weapons for Ivory replacements. However, I logged on an alt that I haven't played on in forever, who has the Awakened Siren Weapon. This tier doesn't seem to be reflected in the weapon streamlining list posted on the BnS website. Do I have to upgrade my weapon to True Siren (closest tier) in order to salvage it?
  6. And there it is, folks. The reason for this response: "I've already done it, so if they implement it now I would have wasted all the money for nothing!" That, right there, is called a conflict of interest due to a personal agenda. You are not debating this for the "bettering of the game" as you stated. You are against this simply because you don't want to feel like you lost out by already having done the name change at 3 times the cost. Also, your analogy is hilariously inaccurate. Choosing a character name does not equate to taking up a loan. It equates to creating a b
  7. Exactly because you already "own" the name, you shouldn't have to buy 3 name change scrolls to reclaim what you already have. Obviously you would want it cheaper. You already own the name. It doesn't make sense to have to pay 3 times the price to change your name to something you already own than to something you don't. Let's put this into a situation of profit; having it as an option vs not: as it stands, I'm in a position where I would like to swap the names of 2 of my characters. I won't be, mind you, due to the cost, but I would have if there were a cheaper alternative. Thus, N
  8. I for one agree with your suggestion. Changing a name and swapping two names are different things, and should be reflected as such, without needing to pay 3 times the cost. What I find "ridiculously dumb" is how this community slams someone who has an idea that isn't their own. Exactly how would this feature affect you negatively were it implemented?
  9. Thanks for saying this! As it turns out BnS *was* using my integrated graphics card rather than my Nvidia one. Had to make the global setting to always use the Nvidia card, and that fixed my massive frame rate issues. Cheers bud!
  10. Thanks for the info! I was just checking on the forums for exactly this issue; my (gaming) laptop is having some massive frame rate issues with BnS, even though I can run newer, more heavy games (such as Overwatch) at near max graphics with 60 FPS, but can barely run BnS, even with the "optimize for low-end PCs". So I have a question about your fix. How do you install it? I tried downloading the files from the link, and when I opened it, it asked to designate a destination for it to extract to. Once done, it extracted a bunch of other Zip files into that folder. I tried extracting
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