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  1. i have the error randomly in loading screens for a months ago... and my friends
  2. wl best def is Z (5 hit-resist skill) but a lot of skills hits 5 or more times....
  3. Hello there any way you could kick bots dungeon? It is very annoying that always appear and the worst is that I always see them, try to avoid them when i see them but it is a waste of time ... sometimes there are people who dont know they are bot use their scale in heaven's mandate, then we try to kill the boss between 5 or 4 depending on how maany bots are in the group i feel that the game protects the bots in dungeons, idk if others will feel the same, but when you see one in a party, all you can do is all lave partys again again and again
  4. I thought this was a bad beta arathi basin in a pirate server
  5. hi, i need 29 moonstones to upgrade my weapon, but idk where/how can farm this items, some quest or a map to can pick it?
  6. oh ty, an a good soulshield to pvp? works misty woods set?
  7. HI, im WL 50 HM5 and 482 AP, i have full naryu labyrinth soul shield, but i dont know what use at lvl 50 :c naryu is good? or is only for hp? halp!
  8. 1 of each 5 opponents i have is not a bot
  9. the last time I went to fight in arena not see what was happening and I could not move until all happened fast and appeared DEFEAT, I think in 1 out of 3 fights that happens
  10. im gonna trying but really dont have hope
  11. same problem here... news areas everytime have crash in loading screens xd
  12. wait 30 ssec is the only thing to evade crashes in loadings?
  13. my crashes are only in the loading screens, temperature dont affects... i can play 5min 4 hours and game dont crash if i dont change map or a loading screen appears in a cave
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