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  1. Gameguard can be compared to a cancer killing a person. The person is fine without the cancer but with the cancer that person will DIE if they don't get treated and the easy treament for this Game"cancer"guard is to remove it.
  2. I uninstalled bns because of it. I'd like to come back to bns because problems aside it's a great game but this game guard malware completely destroys the game more than it helps and if ncsoft doesn't get rid of it i expect many more players to get tired of it and just uninstall the game.
  3. the hongmoon skil unlocked for destroyer is *cricket*ing garbage
  4. so i have to be close to them? because i tried attacking them with the gun and it would always shoot the boss. Also the average person will instantly think of shooting the eggs with the gun if it took you 10 seconds to realize that you're really dumb. gj your attempt at being a smartass made you look dumb.
  5. i attack from behind what *cricket*s me is that attack where he spins and deals 15-20k damage from all sides and it's really hard to dodge because he charges it almost instantly and the fps are terrible
  6. Goes untergetable and throws poison shit that deals 8k damage per tick for like 10 or more secs (forgot to check), has an aoe attack that took me down from 39097hp to 711 hp and if that wasn't enough he also somehow healed back from 1.3mil hp back to 1.9mil when there were still people alive. ?? Also wtf am i suppossed to do with those guns on the ground? shoot the little green things? it only targets the boss so wtf are they for?
  7. i got the chest on the times i killed those bitches but it's frustrating to die to that spin attack he does that's practically undodgeable because he is very fast at doing it and the lag doesn't help either
  8. it'd be nice if you actually showed it on your char instead of just the icon
  9. lol so i'll be able to do poh24 2 times today?
  10. fighting sajifi doesn't require inhuman reaction time to his moves and you don't fight him at 15-20 fps
  11. And what's repulse? There's a destroyer skill called "gale force" that only activates on "repulse" critical hit. Now i know we still can't learn gale force but it'd be nice to know what repulse is for when we can.
  12. meanwhile force masters and summoners can just stay in the moon and still outdps every melee class without having to worry about that nearly instant aoe spin thing that he does. *cricket* this game
  13. Trying to kill this shit as a melee gave me terminal aidscancerebola
  14. i know about the mushin tower but that's about it
  15. BestCatGirl


    seems fair to waste 1 or more hours of my life hitting a shit that will probably not drop anything just to get 13 silver from a daily quest sure encourages people to do it. also that shit as a total hp higher than the combined hp of every one hitting it and also tons of aoe damage so being more than 1 hitting it makes no difference
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