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  1. Lower dps needed for chest drop rly

    And FM with 380 AP looting every boss... The system is just not fair for melee, and not only that, if you have fps drops or a little lag you are dead vs terrors, and all your honor gone.. meanwhile a summoner can be semi-afk... If tanks do less dps than dps, why we dont have a ton more hit points and defense (like in every other game, summoner cat have more than 3500 defense....)?
  2. Every class is stupidly OP compared to BM

    And if i want to play a Yun i am condemned to play underpower classes.... Reroll is not an option or they fix BM or byebye BNS (back to Aion)
  3. What makes viable the BM in level 50? what skills, others classes also have new skills. (Im a little newby, just asking, becouse i like the BM but i die vs everyone :/)