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  1. There are FM players already Dimond , so yeah FM is working correctly .
  2. Relax the next box will have 4 costumes in it .
  3. Noone forces you to buy them , relax lol .
  4. NCSOFT should take this seriously ofc , it will solve some of the bot issues . The bots won't be able to farm 24/7 .
  5. Good thing that me and the rest of the non basement dweller world is working at this time .
  6. I would love to see these in the cash shop , so I don't have to grind for pointless stuff like PVE gear anymore . Good idea .
  7. Uninstall then , what are you doing here :D
  8. You don't seem to understand that people who buy stuff from the cash shop , help the company to give paychecks to their staff .
  9. If people don't like the boxes , they are free to not buy them . It's simple really .
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