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  1. Do not touch Skybreak Spire accessories, it does not need these changes and will only cause an adverse effect from might be intended. It will do more harm to newer players if you pass these reductions as it'll be increasingly harder to upgrade to the next stages and be raid ready for VT or even TT for that matter. If your intention is to further divide the community, then by all means, pass these changes.
  2. What hurts new players the most is that the only way to upgrade their weapon is through weeks/months of grinding before they can access BT or mid-tier content. Even for BT people are asking 1K+ gear, which is nearly impossible to reach without this event if you don't have deep pockets and a phat bankaccount. Without a long-term solution the problem will compound and players that have better options will just move on to play something else. And there are better, friendlier options out there. Just because they dumped those accessories on the peach-topia lagfest map, doesn't
  3. We've had one post almost two weeks ago saying there would be a response that same week. Only thing that followed is deadly silence and new info about even worse changes on KR that might hit new & returning players harder. Either start being truthful or stop trying to muffle us with false information.
  4. If that comes to our servers then they might as well shut down completely. It's already hard enough finding players for lower content with lower gear. You can forget about having a healthy influx/base of players if they push this crap. BG is impossible to enjoy unless you whale out. Arena is dead. PvE is getting more elitist by the day (1.1k wall too stronk) Wake. Up. NC.
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