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  1. Warlock vs Warden

    Warden's animation doesn't have bats. It has gold butterflies/glitter (sometimes it even looks like birds). SB outfit doesn't even resemble a bat, the Warden recolor looks "angelic" while the Warlock's looks evil (it's meant to resemble their thrall- not a bat) Looks are indeed personal preference, but I think both look pretty amazing. A well played warlock will also never be focus starved. Their focus regeneration is instantaneous and it will feel like you never run out if you know how to do your rotation correctly. If I were OP, I would go WL until the Wardens nerfs and balances hit, so you don't get used to something that is OP only to feel bad you have invested time and money in gearing it. Remember also that you can eventually play both. I'm a WL main and I don't regret the choice at all, though I think both Warden and Gunner are quite a bit of fun. But it truly is about what you enjoy and prefer to play. Maining one doesn't mean you have to drop the other completely.
  2. Little girl in the rain

    I'm just going to pretend Kittyaura's story is the next chapter in the game while I force myself to play through the current questline, because then at least I have a tiny shred of hope that my poor students aren't really dead .__. That was beautifully done and you should be proud, Kittyaura D: Also, Liinxy, if you are reading this? Please, PLEASE forward this story to the developers ._. @Kittyaura
  3. WR Need rework or ban from pvp

    I main a WL, and I have yet to loose to a Warden. I also made a Warden and played it, and figured out both how to kill my own main class (Wl) on it, and how to kill it with a WL. If you are having trouble defeating a class with your main class, I HIGHLY advise playing it yourself extensively to work out its weaknesses, then you will know what to look for.
  4. If archer IS yun exclusive I'm quitting the game. I have no desire to be gender-locked in any game. It has nothing to do with the exclusion of women- gender lock should never exist when it comes to classes. I've been looking forward to this class too long to have it be locked to yun, especially since I'm one of those rare players who only makes male characters (with the exception of my one yun FM, because I like a specific kimono on her that's yun only. ) They just need to open all classes for all races so everyone will be happy and that's that. No more race exclusive stuff.
  5. When can I get the Warden of Lv50?

    Compensation for this would be nice, as I lost well over a week of levelling waiting for support to fix this issue. I finally just created my warden and am leveling from scratch, loosing even more time to do the event. This isn't right.
  6. Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate

    You farm them in the instance that's right next to Heavens mandate, called Zaiwei Ruins. It's very easy to solo some of the bosses in there. Its repeatable because its an open world instance where the bosses can be respawned. The RNG boxes they drop have a chance of giving you orbs. Spend an hour or so in there and you should come away with several.
  7. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    My level 50 voucher still hasen't been fixed :/
  8. I hate to bug you guys about this again, but these animations are missing from the warden. They have some of their animation cycle (and a tiny bit of blinking) But all of the more subtle facial animations that are in the wardrobe and character creator are missing, making their faces look a bit "slack" and lifeless. I know I know, I'm the facial animation police lol XD @Cyan @Liinxy
  9. New Battle Royale + AFK animations

    It definitely would be nice, I prefer the facial expressions on the old idle animations. Maybe they can consider adding an "idle animation" menue like aion has, where you can switch out different idle animations Honestly I don't want to touch any kind of mod, sanctioned though it might be. That and I actually want idle animations, just not these new idle animations- I prefer the old ones.
  10. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    Will they be extending the warrior events because of this? >_> A lot of us are loosing time to this bug, because we haven't been able to create our warrior, or haven't heard back from support yet
  11. Dragon Store Hexagonal Gems

    It should definitely be changed, otherwise we all stand at a severe loss. The old system functioned and no one suffered a loss if they felt a gem didn't fit their playstyle, with this new system we're just being stolen from needlessly
  12. New Battle Royale + AFK animations

    I hope to god those afk animations are optional, because I hate them. I prefer the neutral faces my characters make for screenshots, not constant and irritating movement.
  13. Good suggestion. However this isn't going to solve the problem completely since on different costumes (and even in different slots) the "black" in the tailor shop isn't a true black or gray- sometimes its tinted towards the red, blue, or even yellow side. This is only going to work if we have a true 000000 black that is consistent between outfits, and possibly another control to tone colors in a certain direction if someone wants, say, a blue-black, or a redder black. White should have the same controls so that paler pastels can be achieved, like creamy whites, ext Really what we need is a color pallet slider like in Aion's character creator rather than fixed colors
  14. If you have Windows 10, I highly recommend disabling Game DVR if you have no plans to do any screen recording using Windows' built in game bar. Although you can disable Windows game bar in your settings (I also highly recommend doing this since the thing is nothing but bloatware) this will not completely disable all aspects of it, and some will still run unless you make some minor edits to the registry. Instructions for disabling game DVR: 1. Press Windows key + R to bring up the Run dialog. 2. Type “regedit” in the text box and hit Enter. 3. Navigate to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PolicyManager\default\ApplicationManagement\AllowGameDVR 4. Double-click the value and set the Value data to 0. 5. Reboot your PC Although this is by no means a perfect fix, I found that it helped with some of the annoying FPS drops caused by windows update 1803, which compromised a lot of gamers (especially those with nvdia cards) I find I am able to get higher FPS for longer periods of time with only minor drops. (I have an Nvdia 1070 with 18gb and a core i7, the game used to run perfectly until windows did the creators update, and I've been having problems with each update ever since)
  15. Blade & Soul development - Warrior Class

    The only MMO I know of that has a "healer" Warden is Elder Scrolls Online, and that's subjective to what build you choose. This Warden seems to have some kind of Soulburn capability, so I think the name is still perfectly valid.
  16. 5 week "Way of the Warrior Event"

    I'm also pretty concerned by the fact that the event currency is being put into raids/dungeons with high AP requirements instead of dungeons easily accessible to a new character. Sure, the warrior will get things from the daily and cold storage, but will it be enough to get all rewards within the event period?
  17. There's no real point in resetting it anyway, since the daily quest that awards event currency doesn't reset, and the dynamic quest doesn't award anything except a potion. Unless you intended to farm it for exp charms
  18. seriously?? (outfit challenge)

    I was just telling you why I voted and what my reasoning was since you decided to call everyone who voted for Reborn's tastes "standard", I wanted you to realize not everyone was voting based on what the female costume looked like. And if we're gonna talk about the 'real' context, I'd say realize that the real reason players using female characters voted for Reborn is because most of those players who choose female characters don't choose them to cover them up. You say you like the other one because "well dressed to change of the boobs view over time" .... well, to be frank, if you go look at the character screenshot thread, you'll see that most people want their costumes to be as risque as possible. The costume you like lost exactly because it doesn't show enough skin for most peoples tastes. To be honest, the male design of the one you like is okay, it's cool, but again, from past experience with these costumes, I just feel it would have been meshed very badly. Likely too stiff and too much clipping (Not that the winning design wont have a ton of clipping, but....)
  19. Regarding Designer Thread

    Any word on whether the same designer threads will be used going forwards so that they can be saved and stacked with future threads? I'd like to know about this too.
  20. Just make sure you pull the aggro of the small yetis onto the party rather than the chest, and you'll have a much easier time keeping the chest alive if you miss banshees. This is what I was taught to do
  21. seriously?? (outfit challenge)

    For me, my Vote in the contest actually had nothing to do with the female design, only with the male design, because I don't play female characters at all. Could have been the same for other players who voted too. It looks like nothing but a copy of one of the other outfits they put in the game with a cop aesthetic added. Honestly the male one is nearly an exact duplicate.
  22. Tailor shop suggestions

    Exactly this. Heck, in Aion, another NCSoft game, I believe you can even choose some basic hair colors for in game kinah. In a game that is so fashion centric, it baffles me as to why we don't have a broader spectrum of ways to alter characters.
  23. Stop white knighting for NCSoft. It's quite obvious that this system needs improvement, and unless people complain, it wont improve. You -really- do seem to enjoy inconvenience in games.
  24. Can confirm that dismissing windows defender notifications fixes crashes and bluescreens when starting blade and soul during this particular update. My brother's laptop was doing this, but fortunately I had seen this thread before hand and was able to get the laptop working again. (Disabling bluetooth didn't have an effect, however, still lagging on all 64 bit clients on all computers. My laptop doesn't even physically have bluetooth, so not sure whats up with that)
  25. Tailor shop suggestions

    When the players said we don't mind paying for it, I doubt they thought it would be this ridiculous. I also don't know why anyone would waste event currency on chromatic thread, but you're probably end game or something. Also, just because you did something, doesn't mean other players wouldn't like a discount now that they've seen what NCSoft has done with the tailor shop. You seem to enjoy being inconvenienced. There's nothing wrong with adding another tab for this functionality. If you don't like it...feel free to blow 10 bucks just to change your hair...? I'll never understand the mentality of people who don't want convenient features. Just because it says tailor shop doesn't mean it couldn't be upgraded to provide a broader, better level of service. Changing hair is a standard feature in mmos nowadays, and its pretty sad that this game doesn't have it.